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The Breast Centre, providing experienced and holistic surgical care.

The Breast Centre

I strive to deliver a holistic and streamlined approach to breast care for every male and female patient that comes through my practice. By offering a variety of treatment options and utilising the latest surgical techniques and equipment I strive to obtain the best possible clinical outcomes.

Breast care, in particular malignant breast conditions, requires a multidisciplinary approach from a dedicated team of professionals. I work closely with chemotherapy specialists, radiation oncologists, breast care nurses and allied health professionals to map out the best individual treatment plan for my patients.

I am a firm believer in achieving patient satisfaction by combining excellent oncological result with maximal aesthetic outcome. This approach to breast care has come from my specialist training in oncoplastics. Being able to offer my patients access to innovative surgical and medical care through a specialist cancer care centre such as Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is something that is extremely important to me. I have access to techniques including the use of SPY, which is used in the preservation of nipple for mastectomy and other breast surgeries. I strive to continually advance my surgical skills and knowledge to ensure my patients have access to the best treatment available.

Throughout my patients’ journey I keep an open line of communication to ensure that my patients and their family feel supported and confident in their medical care. What comes with effective communication is treating patients with respect and sensitivity which I believe takes time within the consultation environment, in particular with the sensitive nature of breast conditions such cancer.