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Working Together to provide Continuity of Care

Referrers Centre

As a Breast, Endocrine and General surgeon my role in a patient’s journey can range from one or two consultations and a simple day procedure for a hernia repair, through to months and sometimes years of medical and surgical care in the case of complex oncological patients.

No matter how long or short my role is in a patient journey I treat everyone as though they were a relative, with the time and respect they deserve. As doctors although we work independently we all have one common goal, to provide a smooth journey to recovery for our patients.

When you refer your patients, I strive to create a strong relationship with you through an open line of communication at all appropriate stages of our patient’s medical journey. I have found that an open dialogue about the care plan I have developed, the other specialists and physicians involved and the follow up required ensures that continuity of care is provided long into the future. My team and I are here to support and assist, so please contact us any time.

Referrers Resources

Our team want to make the referral process and communication with our practice as seamless as possible. Please either fax (02) 8088 3843 or email reception@surgicalcentre.com.au your referral to us and address it to Dr Paul Chen. If you would prefer to organise the consultation on your patients’ behalf whilst they are with you, please call our team on 1300 377 285 and they will be happy to assist.

Following our initial consult, you can expect to receive a follow up letter outlining the diagnosis and proposed treatment plan and next steps in their journey.