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Breast Oncoplastics

Striving for excellent oncological result with maximal aesthetic outcome.

Breast cancer is a journey that patients will unlikely forget, the experience can often have a significant impact on both the physical and mental wellbeing of patients. In my practice I believe that being able to offer the latest in reconstructive techniques to my patients is important in assisting them to restore their sense of wellbeing and femininity.

In my practice I believe that being able to offer the latest reconstructive techniques is important in restoring a sense of wellbeing and femininity for my patients.

What is Oncoplastics?

Oncoplastics is a specialised surgical technique which allows trained breast surgeons to address tissue defects that affect the overall aesthetics and feeling of the breasts. A significant amount of planning goes into this type of surgical approach and it is tailored to the individual patient, removing the breast cancer in such a way that minimises the impact on physical look of the breast.

What are the benefits for patients who are suitable for oncoplastic breast surgery?

  • Combining these techniques allows appropriate patients to have one general aesthetic for the surgery compared to previously having to undergo a second operation several months later to try and modify the breast.
  • It assists in minimising the long-term effects on a patient’s mental wellbeing by aiming to maintain a patient’s femininity